Books in the Works

A Girl Next Door – 2019

It’s about the girl, or boy next door. I can’t help but think that many kids had one of these. They may have had or wanted a relationship with this person next door. Maybe not. However, Leonard did, and it seemed he would do whatever was needed to get her, Gwendolyn, to notice him: just to notice him. What he didn’t expect was to use a ‘love spell’ to get her attention. He was shy. What he also didn’t expect was a venture into the world of Demons. Lastly, he didn’t expect to put the lives of his sister, mom and dad in jeopardy.

The Sail STILL Needs the Wind – 2019

It appears that I have more to say: opinion. The Sail Needs the Wind was a beginning. A sequel, the sail STILL needing the wind, continues in my thoughts on the Challenges we all continue, daily, to face. Trying to keep the complicated, simple.